Monday, January 18, 2010

practise eng

tomorrow, i will present in eng class..
i am the only one from my course at that class..
actually, i am not really good in eng
that's make me feel down when enter the class..
therefore, i must try to improve my eng by practising it..
i must try my best..

one think that make me happy this night..
i had a long conversation with my fren, ayu
just now..
i really love to talk with her..
i never talk with her like that..
it's really nice to share our feeling with our frens..
asking their opinion about anything..
and also caring about their problems..
i love my frens very much..

caring, sharing and loving..

one think that i feel i want to tell everybody..
that i love evryone..
everyone is my fren..

i don't know how to say..
how sad i feel when there are somebody who does not like me..
i feel very sad..

i don't to explain..
but only one thing i want to say..
whatever i do..
it is not my intention to humilate anyone.
or to feel anyone is bad..
and i am very good..
absolutely not like that..

whatever i do..
busy with other things..
but not busy with college activity..
my aim is only one..
to put Islam back in it's place

Ya Allah, forgive me..

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